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Daddymoon? Dadchelor Party?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 24, 2011 by River City Strippers

First time dads are celebrating the arrival of their first-born children with alcohol, tobacco and strippers? Shhhhhh, don’t tell the expectant mom!


Okay, admittedly, some women hire male strippers to come perform for expectant moms at the less traditional baby shower. It isn’t exactly common, but it does happen often enough that there is almost a sub-industry for these parties.


But the latest trend of Dadchelor parties is beginning to catch the attention of new dads-to-be.  Sometimes called daddymoons, man-showers or dadelor parties, these events are almost identical to the traditional bachelor party. And yes, there are usually strippers somewhere in the mix.

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Couples are waiting longer to get married, sometimes opting to not marry at all but remaining a couple just the same. This right of passage for new dads is an acknowledgment that he is going to be raising a child and the free wheeling days of non-parenthood are rapidly drawing to a close.


If the expectant mom can enjoy the attention of a male stripper at her baby shower, why not a female exotic dancer for the expectant dad? Of course, his buddies probably have more to do with the entertainment options for his daddy bachelor party than the dad-to-be. Some of the guests may already be married with children, and are looking for a good excuse to blow off some steam and behave like they did in their college days.


The dads that have gone before will probably share parenting horror stories with the expectant first time father. No sleep ever again. No sex ever again. Laundry, laundry and more laundry. Being caught out singing the Sesame Street theme. Uncontrollable temper tantrums. In public. Check out this video


When throwing a dadchelor party, it is probably best to keep any stripper related activity quiet. And you certainly don’t want any pictures of the event!



So how do you plan a dadchelor party? It is considered good form to bring diapers as gifts to a dadchelor party. Beer is standard fare as is barbecue.


Plan your dadchelor party at least a month before the baby is due, but pretty much anytime from the second trimester until the eighth month is fine. You don’t want to get a call that your partner is going into labor after you just downed a six-pack and a woman named Candy is just about to remove her bra in exchange for some $1 bills. Party buses and limo pub-crawls are also popular. Leave the diapers at home. Well, maybe one or two for the road would help explain the point of the party.


Generally it is the job of the dad-to-be’s best friends to give him this party. No females allowed! Popular party locations are sporting events, golf courses, casinos, camping trips and, of course, Gentlemen’s Clubs.


If your dadchelor party is going to be a destination party, (Vegas baby!) more advanced planning may be necessary. Don’t leave party planning until the last minute. You should probably start planning as soon as you can. Generally 4-6 weeks before the party is a good time to make plans and have everything finalized at least a week in advance. If there are men who are already dads in attendance, they can’t just run out the door and join a party; they need to plan for sitters and around any parent-child type of events.


Planning a dadchelor party in 10 easy steps:


  1. Become a dad! Wow, that was fun wasn’t it?
  2. Set the date of the dadchelor party. Double check with the mom to be.
  3. Make a guest list. The more the merrier!
  4. Make a budget.
  5. Send out invites. Text messages are usually fine, but follow up with an email or phone call just in case.
  6. Make reservations. Whether you are planning to have your party locally or out of town, don’t leave your venue options up to chance.
  7. Hire entertainment. Strippers are always a hit at these events. Maybe your preference is karaoke, but you still have to hire the karaoke host.
  8. Order food and drinks. Again, you don’t want to leave it up to chance that what you want/need for your event is going to be available.
  9. Confirm the date/time with your guests.

10. Have a designated driver. Having a limo or party bus is great fun and ensures everyone gets home safely.


So there you have it, easy-peasy dadchelor parties!


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