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How to Be a Male Stripper

Posted in How-To on May 28, 2011 by River City Strippers
  1.  It is not as easy as just working out and getting a good build. The first thing you want to consider is how comfortable you are going to be working in large crowds with people that are very drunk.
  2. Start leaning up your body and working out with high reps. No need to get big and bulky; just cut your fat, sugars, and salt intake and begin trimming up so that your build is semi-athletic and lean.
  3. Get some costumes with rip-away or tear-away clothing. Most tailors can do this for you easily. You can also use snaps.
  4. Burn 3 or 4 songs for a routine and make many copies of it. You will need the copies as you will leave behind your disks at the party.
  5. Practice your dancing. Especially if you want to do male reviews.
  6. Get your photo taken. Take a black and white photo and start calling agencies. Warning: some agencies will try to charge you to put your photo up and call it a fee. Get your photo and email them to agencies or better yet, send through U.S. mail as you are more likely to receive a call back since so many men submit photos through email.
  7. Get a pole set up in your bedroom so you can practice your routine at least three times a day. To get those big bucks you have to put on a good show. You can’t just rely on looks, so get your moves nailed.
  8. Get a stage name that lures the audience.
  9. Make sure your girlfriend doesn’t mind. Or just ask her to join you on the stage.
  10. Contact a well established agency who can sign you up to their books. Such as….well, River City Strippers is certainly a good option!